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Reference Books

  • Control Engineering
    • control - Modern Control Engineering 5th Edition Ogata
    • control - control system engineering norman s nise
    • [Ogata] Discrete - Time_Control_Systems
    • [Michael_Negnevitsky] Artificial Intelligence A G
    • [Chen_G,_Pham_T]_Introduction_to_Fuzzy_Sets,_Fuzzy

  • Robotics
    • Embedded Robotics - Thomas Braunl
    • Robotics Control, Sensing, Vision, and Intelligence
    • Spong_Robot Dynamics and Control - SECOND EDITION
    • petercorke Robotics Vision & Control
    • petercorke robotic toolbox matlab

  • Manufacture Engineering
    • [Serope_Kalpakjian,_Schmid]_Manufacturing,_Engineering
    • [Hwaiyu_Geng,_Hwaiyu_Geng]_Manufacturing_Engineering
    • [J._Beddoes,_M._Bibby]_Principles_of_metal_manufac

  • Analog and Digital Elektronics
    • electronic-devices-9th-edition-by-floyd
    • Digital_fundamentals_by_thomas_l._floyd
    • electronics circuits by mike tooley

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  • Arduino
    Learn Arduino step by step and create simple project
  • Visual C#
    Learn Visual Studio C# programming
  • Visual
    iPhone & iPad web templates for AppStore apps
  • Arm cortex
    Learn Family of Arm microprosesor Products, Programming, and its applications
  • Autodesk Inventor
    Learn Mechanical design including part design, assembly, technical drawing and video assembly
  • Cimatron
    Learn G-Code and CAM process of making part using CNC machine.
  • Matlab
    Learn Matlab programming and simulation using simulink
  • Robotics
    Learn Mechantronics and Robotics system, controls, and its applications

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